News: Fight Like Apes Launch FundIt Campaign

Posted: 09/04/2013 in Uncategorized


“Fight Like Apes are nowhere near finished. Not even close. If we had any other avenue of financing that didn’t involve outright asking the people that have already done so much for us we’d be taking it. But after countless chats between ourselves we’ve decided to go for this…”

Fight Like Apes have today launched a Fund It campaign to get their as-yet-untitled third album finished up and ready to rock yer socks off.

Having amicably parted ways with label Model Citizen, The Apes now find themselves as an independent band in transition – basically, the album is written and recorded (“a load of bangers”, they say), and now they are calling on fans in a bid to help get it through the remaining stages of production. Mixing, mastering, duplication, PR – all that expensive fun stuff that follows up the initial making of the music, and of course the costly habit of taking the new tunes on tour (garnering status as one of Ireland’s most renowned live acts doesn’t come cheap, you know!)

Having heard a lot of the new Fight Like Apes material showcased at gigs in Whelan’s last August and more recently in The Workman’s Club back in February, I can assure you that they’re tunes seriously worth investing in – and the band being the quirky divils that they are, there are some seriously interesting rewards up for grabs in exchange for your dosh. So head on over to the FLApes album fundraiser page and fund as you see fit!

Also, check out this promo video of the band’s recording process… FYI, according to the band’s Facebook page, the song in the video is not actually on the album. Its just a song for the video… and it’s called ‘Leave Your Balls On The Outside’.

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