Universe/Tipping Top 10: Girls Aloud

Posted: 15/03/2013 in Uncategorized


They are ALMOST among us. The excitement is at an abnormal level. Girls Aloud, my absolute favourite purveyors of pop hits, announced their reunion in October last year in celebration of their 10th anniversary – and now, the time has ALMOST come for them to break out their Greatest Hits in front of a sold-out O2 Dublin. Take a trip down memory lane to tide you over for the next 24 hours – behold, my personal Top 10 Girls Aloud songs!

#10 ‘Wake Me Up’

#9 ‘Love Machine’

#8 ‘The Show’

#7 ‘Sexy No No No’

#6 ‘Call The Shots’

#5 ‘Sound of the Underground’

#4 ‘The Loving Kind’

#3 ‘The Promise’

#2 ‘Something Kinda Ooh’

#1 ‘Biology’

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