News: Laura Marling Announces New Album – Listen to Preview Track ‘Where Can I Go?’

Posted: 08/03/2013 in Uncategorized


Well, if ever there was some music news to make me ecstatically happy on International Womens Day, it’s an announcement from one of my absolute favourite female artists heralding news of an album to look forward to. Laura Marling is set to release her fourth studio album Once I Was An Eagle on 24th May.

Laura Marling is 23. TWENTY THREE. Taking this into consideration, the calibre of her releases to date is astounding – her last release back in September 2011, A Creature I Don’t Know, being my favourite thus far – so its unavoidable to have extremely high expectations for Once I Was An Eagle.

With the announcement comes a preview track, titled ‘Where Can I Go?’ – a rousing folk anthem,with a beautifully captivating melody, and an exquisite gradual build taking you on a complete musical voyage. Her voice sounds as stunning as ever… and who knew organ could add so much to a song?! The first few lines may be a bit too ‘Afternoon Delight’ but it’s definitely a winner…

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