Top 10: Girls Aloud

Posted: 16/10/2012 in Uncategorized

They’re back. Praise the pop music gods, THEY’RE BACK. Girls Aloud are reuniting for the group’s 10th anniversary – and they’re not doing so quietly. Behold, their big comeback tune, ‘Something New’:

Sugababes WHO?! Girls Aloud are without a doubt my favourite pop act of the modern era. I’ve loved them since the embryonic stages of Popstars: The Rivals – seriously, to come out of a reality show with a debut single of the calibre of ‘Sound of the Underground’, how could you not?! It’s been hit after hit ever since, and they are without a doubt one of the most consistantly great pop acts out there. Since they unveiled a re-launched official website via Twitter counting down towards something big, the excitement on Planet Pop has been palpable… This Friday, they’ll unveil the music video to match ‘Somthing New’, and hopefully tour dates to celebrate their 10th anniversary in style (fingers crossed for an O2 date!) But in order to look forward, it’s important to look back – and as such, here’s a rundown of my Top 10 Girls Aloud Songs (which truth be told originally started as a Top 5 but had to be expanded). Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

#10 ‘Wake Me Up’

#9 ‘Love Machine’

#8 ‘The Show’

#7 ‘Sexy No No No’

#6 ‘Call The Shots’

#5 ‘Sound of the Underground’

#4 ‘The Loving Kind’

#3 ‘The Promise’

#2 ‘Something Kinda Ooh’

#1 ‘Biology’


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