Awesome Irish Band Alert: OCHO

Posted: 12/06/2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve been enjoying the debut album from OCHO, Young Hunting, for a few weeks now – and it continually makes for a dynamic listen. A powerful mix of intensely atmospheric and layered electronica, the original compostions – alongside a brilliantly haunting cover version of The Ronette’s ‘Be My Baby’ – are instantly striking and at times verge on hypnotic.

OCHO are a collaborative collective made up of Stace Gill and DOS, with various guest musicians including Eanna Hickey, Jill Deering and Lisa Cuthbert amongst others.  I FINALLY got the chance to check them out live last Saturday evening in the back room of  Twisted Pepper, and may I just say – WOW. Musically it was sublime, and Gill’s lead vocals – complimented by a trio of backing-vocalists – blew me away.

Their music reminds me of the soundtrack of a film that hasn’t been made yet… if that makes sense?! Seeing it all unfold live has upped my appreciation of the album even more, so I wanted to share it again – stream it below, fall for it, and if you like what you hear then why not head on over to iTunes and BUY IT!

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