Live Review: Foster the People @ The Olympia

Posted: 01/12/2011 in Uncategorized

***As published on on November 30th 2011***

A bitter-cold night in Dublin city – but inside the confines of The Olympia Theatre, Mark Foster and Co. are belting out the sounds of summer. The trio that is California’s Foster The People have enjoyed one hell of a breakthrough year, and tonight marks the final date of their extensive European tour. The commercial success of the impossibly catchy ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ announced them to the world before debut album Torches was subsequently unleashed in May – the record proving an emphatic statement that there is SO much more to this band than just that song. Foster the People descended upon Stradbally in early September to steal the show at Electric Picnic, and given the large crowd who had no choice but to circle the exterior of the Cosby Stage to catch their set that Friday evening, it’s hardly surprising that the Olympia Theatre is completely sold out tonight. “Ever since we played the Electric Picnic I’ve been looking forward to coming back here”, says Foster. “You guys have an incredible power to make us feel welcome as one of your own”. He’s not wrong.

‘Houdini’ kicks things off, and from the offset it’s evident that in conjunction with their celebrated brand of melodic dance-infused pop-rock Foster The People have another trick up their sleeves – one hell of a light show. Multi-coloured streams and strobes in perfect synchronicity throughout – it really does add a lot to the performance. Most recent single ‘Call It What You Want’ is an early highlight, with Foster’s dance-moves further wooing the crowd as he struts around the stage; he’s a commanding presence as a front-man, but not at the expense of his craft – he gives outstanding vocal performance tonight. ‘I Would Do Anything For You’ provides the only moments which vaguely resemble calmness, the capacity crowd singing the refrain of “Ooh la la, I’m fallin’ in love…” a most wonderful sound to behold. The furious electro sounds of ‘Helena Beat’ close out the main set to a raucous reception, and Foster The People depart the stage for a well earned break. No prizes for guessing what’s reserved to close out the show, although the elaborate piano-driven intro to ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ was unfortunately unappreciated by the baying mob eagerly awaiting those unmistakeable opening beats to kick in. The crowd join in on lead vocals, and as the song reaches its glorious end the band amp it up even further with an extended outro as Foster ventures into the audience to indulge in a spot of crowd-surfing, much to the delight of his adoring fans.

Tonight, Foster The People could do no wrong. Every note was played out to a frenzied reception which didn’t dwindle once throughout the set. Granted, it was a very brief set – exactly one hour – but they made every single second of it count. Often there is a danger of ‘one album bands’ playing unnecessarily long shows, but Foster The People really hit the mark – they have in Torches eleven tracks of pure electro indie-rock goodness, why drag it out longer than it needs to be? Blow the audience’s minds within 60 minutes and leave them wanting more! And that’s exactly what they did.


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