EPs Times Three: The Late Fragments / Come On Live Long / Bitches With Wolves

Posted: 15/11/2011 in Uncategorized

There have been an incredible amount of outstanding Irish albums released throughout 2011, between exciting debut offerings and eagerly anticipated new material from more established acts. But as the time approaches to delve retrospectively into the 2011 barrage of brilliance and start making lists, it’s important to remember that even now, well into November, there are breakthrough acts on-hand with EP offerings worthy of your attention – and these are some of the most recent ones which I reckon could be under consideration for ‘Best of 2012’ lists this time next year…


I first saw The Late Fragments supporting Jay Brannan at his Crawdaddy gig in 2010, and took an instant shine to them. The Dublin five-piece have taken their time crafting their debut EP offering, safe in the knowledge that there’s plenty of people eager to hear it – the project came to be thanks to great support recieved on fundit.ie. The EP will be available to purchase digitally via iTunes from November 17th, and the band will take to the Crawdaddy stage the following night to launch it – tickets priced €7 include a physical copy. In the meantime, check out the incredibly eye-catching video for lead single ‘Everything Ends’:


I was lucky enough to catch Come On Live Long’s gig in the Grand Social at this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes Festival. I knew very little about them beforehand, but was completely blown away – an absolutley brilliant set, which turned out to be one of my highlights of the weekend.  It’s a shame there were so few there to see it, but I reckon pretty soon they’ll have no trouble filling such venues. Come On Live Long have recently released their latest EP Mender, which is available to download either digitally or order physically on their Bandcamp page for a mere €4. Do it, you won’t be disappointed. Not convinced? Then have a listen to ‘Elephants & Time’:


This is one which has been out for a few weeks now, but would  be a worthy addition to your music collection if you haven’t indulged already…  Over the past few years Bitches With Wolves have taken a very astute approach to building up their fan-base – the Hurricane EP marks the first occasion that their music has been available to purchase. Up until now they have garnered popularity based on a combination of online hits and acclaimed live performances – and it has very much worked for them. It would seem that James O’Neill & Bitches With Wolves have a bright future ahead – Ireland really needs a new pop icon, and I think he’s definitely the man for the job. Check out the video for title-track and lead single ‘Hurricane’ below, then head on over to iTunes to pick yourself up some seriouslykiller dance-pop tunes.


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