Album Review: The Rapture – ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’

Posted: 17/09/2011 in Uncategorized

***As published on on September 9th 2011***

It’s been one hell of a long wait for new material from Brooklyn dance-punk-indie-rock-electro (phew!) maestros The Rapture. 2006’s Pieces of the People We Love brought the party – who could resist the charms of the likes of ‘Whoo! Alright-Yeah… Uh Huh’? Now, five years on and minus their original bass player, the band have returned with In the Grace of Your Love – an album which has the dancefloor firmly set in its sights, but has a whole lot more on offer to boot.

In The Grace Of Your Love gets off to a false start with ‘Sail Away’ – but thankfully beyond the ill choice of album opener, the brilliant ‘Miss You’ awaits – funky drums and bass, soaring synths, a killer bridge and a cracking melody throughout. ‘Come Back To Me’ too is a standout – the bizarre accordion-esque intro is enough to intrigue, gradually building towards a bass-heavy mid-song breakdown, before transforming into an all-out dance fest. The anthemic electro-pop delight ‘Children’ will go down a treat as a crowd pleaser when the album is taken on tour. There’s plenty of variety on offer throughout In The Grace Of Your Love – it’s clear that The Rapture are keen to diversify, without straying too far from their roots. ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ is instantly likeable – incredibly slick production, yet simultaneously almost reminiscent of a classic 90s dance track you once might’ve recorded from the radio onto cassette in your youth. Closing track ‘It Takes Time To Be A Man’ is a real treat – winding down the album perfectly, its sweet n’ soulful and flows impeccably, a real unexpected highlight.

It’s an album which becomes more interesting with each repeat listen – most definitely a grower. Luke Jenner’s ever-distinctive voice is in top form throughout, and In The Grace Of Your Love will certainly please long-time devotees of The Rapture – and maybe even draw in some new fans with the number of potential catchy single options. It’ll be interesting to see how the album holds up in a live setting alongside the classic fan-favourites.

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