Festival Review: Lovebox London, July 15th – 17th 2011

Posted: 20/07/2011 in Uncategorized

Due to unforseen circumstances I did not end up writing about my Lovebox London adventures in detail – however, it was a stellar weekend of music so a little bit of reflection is most definitely in order. A review with a twist – my Top 5 Songs of Lovebox 2011!

#5 Warren G – ‘Regulate’

Snoop Dogg was advertised on the Lovebox bill as performing debut album Doyystylein its entirety – so, it was a VERY pleasant surprise when he not only churned out hit after hit from his extensive back catalogue, but also leant the mic to Warren G to perform this classic.

#4 Santigold – ‘Creator’

It’s hard to believe that it was 2008 when Santogold was released. Three years and a vowel change later, I still listen to it all the time – and ‘Creator’ remains the standout track for me. It’s just downright fierce, and she NAILED it.

#3 Beth Ditto – ‘Vogue’

Beth Ditto does not need to rely on cover versions to fill a festival, that much I know – but dropping this classic at Lovebox ‘Out & Out Fierce’ Sunday was quite frankly a stroke of genius. The Victoria Park masses sang and danced along accordingly – ridiculously good fun.

#2 Lykke Li – ‘Get Some’

Lykke Li is certainly not short on stage presence – but her emphatic performance of the lead single from Wounded Rhymes took her to a new level in my estimation. This set even managed to top her stellar gig in Tripod earlier this year. An incredible live performer – roll on Electric Picnic!

#1 Robyn – ‘Hang With Me’

Lovebox Saturday will be remembered as the day I FINALLY got to see her live – and it was worth the wait. I continually find her fascinating as an artist – the feat of writing and recording a triogy of releases of the calibre of the Body Talk collection whilst touring extensively will never cease to amaze. ‘Hang With Me’ remains the standout of the collection for me – dreamy electronica beats reminiscent of a classic 80s anthem, an impossibly catchy melody, and endearingly sweet yet slightly wistful heart-on-sleeve (and unfortunately relatable) lyrics. As with anything Robyn tends to do lately, it was stylish – but with a whole lot of substance to boot. Stunning.

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