Remembering Anto…

Posted: 19/07/2011 in Uncategorized

Anthony Conroy
19th November 1984 – 14th July 2011

Sometimes things happen that are completely unexpected, and quite frankly do not make sense… In this case a simple phonecall from a friend,  bearing news that is near impossible to comprehend.

Anthony Conroy was unique, in every sense of the word. I remember when I first met him, I instantly admired his originality. He was a man who ALWAYS stood out from the crowd. To sit down and have a conversation with Anto was to better your mind… Such an interesting character, with such a diverse range of interests, and a level of intelligence that never ceased to impress.

I especially loved chatting to him about music. Although we had very varying tastes, we could always find a common ground of appreciation… I remember with fondness on a recent weekend away, sitting out in the back garden of our holiday home, enjoying breakfast beers & cigarettes as we mutually swooned over the lyrical depth and technical guitar abilities of Anna Calvi.

The standout vision I have of Anto which has been on loop in my mind since hearing the awful news of his passing is of a Sunday lunch gathering in Howth a few months ago – him strolling into the beer garden in his trademark tartan trousers, a book in one hand, and a green ukelele in the other. Always original, always interesting, always creative, always unique.

The manner in which his family & friends paid tribute to him today was amazing… And the way in which our friends have all pulled together to support those closest to him has been truly overwhelming. To say we are privileged in that respect is an understatement.

As our sense of loss and grief ever so gradually evolves into poignant sentimentality over time, we will contiually share stories and remember with great fondness Anto – a gentleman, and a scholar. Rest in peace x

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