Who is Liset Alea…?

Posted: 15/03/2011 in Uncategorized

Every once in a while, you’re lucky enough to come accross a band or artist who completely blows you away – in spite of the fact that you’ve never even heard their name before. Such moments are rare, so when one comes along, it’d be wrong not to investigate further…

Back in January, I went to see one of my favourite bands, Nouvelle Vague, in Tripod. It was the gig that Nouvelle Vague fans in Dublin never thought would happen – originally in the diary for October 2009, cancelled and put back for over a year to November 2010, only to subsequently be rescheduled yet again for January 2011. It was frustrating – mainly because I had been keeping a careful eye on which singers were touring with them (having become somewhat besotted with a certain Ms. Nadeah Miranda following Sziget 2009!)  So, as Nouvelle Vague FINALLY took to the Tripod stage on January 21st with no sign of Nadeah (or Mélanie Pain, for that matter) I was a bit gutted… But it didn’t last long. Why? Enter Liset Alea.

Liset Alea is a Cuban born, American assembled, and European adopted singer/songwriter – fluent in English, Spanish, French, Greek, and Dutch. Before touring with Nouvelle Vague, she studied at the The New School Jazz Conservatory in New York, and was lead singer of jazz-electronic band Etro Anime before parting ways to release a solo album in 2005. At present, she is recording an album of acoustic-electronic self-penned Spanish songs, mixing her Cuban origins and subsequent European influences.

Liset was a revelation on stage that night in Tripod, displaying incredible vocal ability with seemingly endless energy, and striking a perfect balance between being charmingly alluring and downright raucous. Her scatting abilities were one of the highlights of the show – totally unexpected, but hugely impressive; as was her incorporation of an array of melodicas and percussion instruments into her performance. Liset Alea is totally captivating as a live performer – and her willingness to shout whiskey orders at the unsuspecting bar staff between songs suggests that she’s a whole lotta fun, too!

Hopefully Nouvelle Vague won’t leave it so long to make a return to Irish soil again – and we can look forward to a solo date with Liset in the not-too-distant future to tie in with her album release. In the meantime, you can check out Liset on Facebook and Twitter. And finally, some video clips for your viewing & listening pleasure – enjoy:

Liset & Nouvelle Vague performing  ‘Mala Vida’ atop the Morgan Hotel in Dublin with Balcony TV:

Liset singing the ever-beautiful ‘In A Manner Of Speaking’ on the current Nouvelle Vague tour:

Liset’s jazzy interpretation of ‘Human Fly’ on the current Nouvelle Vague tour:

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