Live Review: Delorentos @ The Workman’s Club, December 16th 2010

Posted: 03/01/2011 in Uncategorized

***As published on on December 21st 2010***

The intimate confines of The Workman’s Club plays host to this the first of two Dublin dates on Delorentos’ The Sanctuary Tour. Tying in with the release of ‘Sanctuary’ as the third single from the band’s second album You Can Make Sound, the tour is Delorentos’ biggest to date, taking them nationwide. The band have been very busy in recent months, with European dates and string of festival appearances over the summer – including a stellar set at Oxegen, which saw them very much hold their own against the might of Vampire Weekend who were performing on the main stage at the same time.

Evident from the offset is the positive impact of the band’s relentless touring schedule. Musically, they are incredibly tight and display an unwavering energy in their performance; Kieran McGuinness and Rónan Yourell are practically note-perfect on their shared vocal duties, and the ever-distinctive harmonies bring the whole Delorentos live package together. Although The Workman’s Club as a venue is fantastic, at times it feels as though the stage is too small for Delorentos in full swing – and Yourell seems to feel the same, taking off into the audience several times throughout the show with his guitar in tow.

It’s a healthy mix of tracks from debut album In Love With Detail, and more recent hits from You Can Make Sound. The crowd sharing vocal duties on the intro to ‘Any Other Way’ before that killer riff kicks off is a standout moment; and ‘Eustace Street’ and ‘Stop’ can both always be relied on to send Delos fans into a frenzy. ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘You Say You’ll Never Love Her’, the dark-heart duo from the new record, take the pace down a fraction, but with great effect – a break from the rocking out to let the bands lyrical talents into the spotlight. Predictably, ‘S.E.C.R.E.T.’ steals the show – the band’s biggest song to date remains as catchy as the first time you heard it, and doesn’t so much request audience participation as it demands it.

When The Sanctuary Tour wraps up at the end of December, Delorentos will shift the focus to starting work on their next album. One new song is showcased tonight – it’s nothing too adventurous, but nevertheless a positive indication of what might be to come. Tonight, Delorentos played a near faultless show – reaffirming their status one of the best live bands in Ireland. Bring on the next chapter.


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